The Heart Works: A Collection

Alchemist's Story

The Heart Works is a collection of personal works written over the span of several years. The book began as a journaling exercise for me in 2014. At the time there was a social media challenge that was trending, 100 Days of Happy, that asked people to share pictures or statements of what they were happy about or grateful for. One thing I knew for sure was that I was not all. So I decided to borrow from the idea, calling my exercise 100 Days of Solitude. For the final 100 days of 2014, I committed to being intentional about my alone time with myself and God. I used journaling as a way to purge my emotions and jump-start my own healing. As I completed the challenge and read back through the journal entries I realized that they were quite personal and vulnerable but also powerful, and I knew that they could help someone else heal just as writing them had helped me to begin to heal. The book is divided into 4 sections: Journal Entries, Hummingbird Moments, Revelations & Musings, and Stories & Letters. The material explores the common experiences and emotions that occur naturally when we are dealing with love and loss, forgiveness of self and others, the realization of our own power, the pursuit of dreams, and so much more. Some of the pieces are specific to women, others are specific to Black women, but readers of all backgrounds will find something they can relate to. The work is emotional, spiritual, cerebral, and real. You may read, explore, ponder, walk away, return, and reread at will.

Fear is stupid. So get out in the world and live, love, go, do, be.

Their Alchemy

Inspired by the 100 days of Happy social media challenge in 2014, Tryphena embarked on a self-healing journey which she called 100 Days of Solitude. Challenging herself to write one journal entry each day for 100 days, Tryphena documented all the personal tests, triumphs, let downs and lessons throughout her alchemy; and this ultimately became the impetus of her self-published book.


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